MOLECUBES – Modular Benchtop Imaging

MOLECUBES is a spin-off from HyCT’s MEDISIP group, focusing on preclinical benchtop scanners. Imaging techniques such as computed tomography (CT), positron emission tomography (PET) and single photon emission computed technology (SPECT) are widely used to investigate drug development, as they provide anatomical and functional 3D information about in vivo biological processes (i.e. in living plants or small animals).


While the effectiveness of the current generation of scanners to monitor the effect of new medications remains undisputed, they are bulky, very costly to deploy, maintain and operate – and thus only available to a limited amount of researchers.


That is why MOLECUBES, after about 5 years of HyCT system development resulting in 3 patents and numerous software routines, end of 2015 launched a more easy and flexible approach to in vivo scanning of lab animals in the life science research industry. Bringing to market the world’s smallest desktop PET, SPECT and CT scanner family for the 3D imaging of small animals.


In SPECT, patented lofthole technology and laser sintered collimators combined with high-resolution detectors result in a high-end true benchtop imager. In-house developed image reconstruction software guarantees fast imaging and excellent image quality. All common SPECT-labeled therapeutic and diagnostic imaging tracers can be imaged.


In PET, sub-millimeter image resolution is achieved through the combination of monolithic scintillators, the latest photon counting technology and GPU-based event positioning and iterative image reconstruction. The 5-ring configuration ensures best-in-class sensitivity over a field-of-view adequate for whole-body mouse and rat imaging at high count rate. In-house hardware allows for dynamic and gated studies.

Developing and selling its desktop imaging systems for over 5 years now, MOLECUBES is becoming a worldwide player in the preclinical imaging business by selling its products to academic, government and private biomedical research laboratories, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and contract research organizations (CRO).

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