EPILOG – Brain Function Quantification

Epilog is a spin-off of HyCT’s MEDISIP group founded in 2016, focused around the idea that by using advanced signal analysis techniques, EEG can be exploited to its fullest potential and become a window into the brain. Enabling advanced EEG processing and making it accessible to clinical practice is Epilog’s driving force.

Bringing advanced EEG technology into clinical practice is a complex challenge. Several advanced signal and image processing techniques have been studied and validated in epilepsy. Unfortunately, despite very promising results of validation studies, they have not been widely disseminated in clinical practice. Epilog believes this is due to the technological barriers that exist for clinical centers who do not have resources that can be dedicated to this task. The core philosophy of Epilog is to bring advanced EEG diagnostic technology to clinical practice as a service. A service that allows EEG readers to focus on what really matters: the interpretation of the data to the benefit of the patient or the study.


Epilog offers interpretation guidelines, training and symposia to continuously involve and train our collaborating centers, clinicians and industry. Their current services are focused on epilepsy. They offer 3 different solutions. Epilog PreOp provides an efficient analysis of long-term EEG recordings and HD-EEG recordings in the preoperative work-up, including electrical source imaging for the localization of the irritative zone. Epilog DX is focused on making the analysis of 24 hours or overnight EEG recordings more approachable and less time consuming. Our services for industry are dedicated to clinical trials, offering our biomarkers to de-risk them.


The basis of all these technologies, as well as patented IP behind this, was developed over a 10 year span within the HyCT’s MEDISIP core group in close relationship to Ghent University Hospital.

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